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Theory Sites

Alfred Adler InstituteSIFC Culture Camp, July 1997
Critical Theory
Critical Theory of Habermas
Albert Ellis Institute
REBT – more Ellis
Empowerment Theory – Essay by James Herrick
Feminist Theory & Gender Studies
Freud Net
Jung Institute
Marxist Internet Archive
Participatory Action Research – page
Personality Theories – George Boeree’s site
Postcolonial Studies
Postmodern Thought
Role Theory – case study
Systems Theory – case study
Transactional Analysis
Van Manen’s Phenomenology Online
K.I.S.S. of the Panoptican – Critical, cultural theory & media literacy
WorldWideWeb Resources for Social Workers – **Best Social Work Website on the Net. Find links to articles about your issue/theory of interest.
SIFC Culture Camp, July 1997

Data Analysis & and other useful academic software

Atlas ti – Homepage & free demo to try this qualitative analysis program
Inspiration 6.0 – Concept Mapping Software – free demo (visual mapping tool to help sort out your profound ideas
Endnote – Bibliography writing software – free demo (these are great for those loooong papers with lots of references)
Procite – another Bibliography writing software – another free demo