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“Aboriginal social work can be described as a practice that combines culturally relevant social work education and training, theoretical and practice knowledge derived from aboriginal epistemology (ways of knowing) that draws liberally on western social work theory and practice methods, within a decolonizing context. A decolonizing context is one which addresses the intergenerational and current impacts of colonization as manifested through colonial cultural and social suppression, intrusive and controlling legislation, industrial and residential school systems, the child welfare system, and institutional/systemic/individual racism and discrimination. Cultural relevance occurs when practice and pedagogy mirror and support indigenous and other ways of knowing, being, and doing.”

– Raven Sinclair, 2002

World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers – the doorway
Social Work Access Network (SWAN)
The Social Work Cafe – Fun social worker pages to browse
Links 2 Go – Social Work – (US – comprehensive)
The Social Worker Online – oodles of links
Social Work World
Blackboard – Check out the American Social Work history site
Pat McClendon’s Clinical Social Work
Social Work Search

Aboriginal Social Work Programs:
Wilfred Laurier University, Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work – Master of Indigenous Social Work – brand new program with the first intake for the fall of 2006. For more information, click on the logo here:
First Nations University of Canada School of Indian Social Work – BISW. The first program of its kind (check out this date!)

Maskwachees Cultural College – Alberta. Operating since 1974!
Brandon First Nations and Aboriginal Counselling Program – I hear through the moccasin telegraph that this is a good one.
Laurentian Native Human Services Program (.pdf file) – and these folks have the awesome Native Social Work Journal!
First Nations University of Canada Master of Aboriginal Social Work Program .PDF file (.pdf file) – Clinical, 1 year graduate program
Carleton University Faculty of Social Work – Off-Campus Aboriginal Program
Blue Quills First Nation College – Alberta. Diploma program since 1991, BSW program affiliated with U of Calgary Access Program & Maskwachees

Social Work Programs in Canada (from West to East):

University of British Columbia – BSW, MSW
U of Northern British Columbia – BSW, MSW
U College of the Cariboo, BC – BSW
University of Victoria, BSW
University of Calgary – BSW, MSW, PhD
University of Regina – BSW, MSW
University of Manitoba – BSW, MSW, PhD
Carleton University, Ottawa – BSW, MSW
University of Toronto – MSW, PhD
York University, Toronto – BSW, MSW
Ryerson University, Toronto – BSW, MSW
McMaster University, Hamilton – BSW, MSW
University of Windsor, Ontario – BSW, MSW
Wilfred Laurier University, Ontario – BSW, MSW, PhD
McGill University, Quebec – BSW, MSW, PhD
Laval University, Quebec – BSW, MSW, PhD
Maritime School of Social Work, Dalhousie University – BSW, MSW
Memorial University, Nfld. – BSW, MSW, PhD
Worldwide listings

Social Work Programs making special efforts to enhance Aboriginal/First Nations Involvement:

U of Northern British Columbia – BSW, MSW – Aboriginal & Rural focus
U College of the Cariboo, BC – BSW – Diversity & rural focus
University of Victoria, BSW – First Nations & First Nations Child Welfare specializations
University of Calgary – BSW, MSW, PhD – Access program offers BSW with Aboriginal & Rural focus
University of Toronto – BSW, MSW, PhD
Carleton University, Ottawa – BSW, MSW

Assorted Documents of interest:

In Critical Demand: Social Work in Canada (.pdf file)
1601 Poor Law – Full text
The CASW Code of Ethics