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Letters to Lula:

“Letters to Lula” is a public service for all weary social workers, who have run out of their own good advice and are looking for support from a voice of wisdom. Lula tells it like it is and her captivating innocence and eccentricity ease the sometimes harsh reality of her responses. Feel free to lay your burden upon Lula’s sturdy shoulders. What others have said about Lula’s advice:

  • “Wow!” J. Beothuk, BSW, St. John’s
  • “Yikes!” S. Black, MSW, Yellowknife
  • “Eek!” R. Fisher, BSW, Salmon Arm

This Month’s Letter to Lula:

Dear Lula:

I’m a student in a BSW program and I’m torn between two competing thoughts. One is that I think I should be paid for my practicum and I shouldn’t have to pay the school to work for an agency. The other one is that I know I’m in school to learn, and so should pay some tuition for my practicum but then I feel all resentful that I’m paying to work, rather than getting paid to work!

Yours truly, Scowly Social Worker-to-be, Calgary


Dear Scowly One:

My mother used to stick a piece of scotch tape between her eyes – I think this was to stop the frown lines from getting too deep. Might want to try this for a start. Secondly, like the Ninja warrior, sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in even in the face of mortal fear and danger; even if it feels like the world is full of opposing and dark forces that threaten to overwhelm, crush, and suffocate you. Stand your ground. Be fearless. Be true to your heart. And use scotch tape.

Professionally yours, Lula

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