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Consulting With a Sponsorship immigration lawyers

Many people might not know, but it’s a fact that sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga can help spouses to safely immigrate to Canada. In fact, the immigration lawyers can act as the passport to the foreign country for many immigrants. One of the goals of the Canadian government and other country’s government is to ensure that immigrants get the chance to easily unite with their family members. However, many people find the immigration policies to be very complex one. In order to ensure that the immigrants can happily bring down their family members to Canada, they should choose right immigration program.

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Numerous Immigration Program

The Canadian government offers numerous immigration programs for their immigrants, such as Family Class Immigration, Spousal Sponsorship, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and so on.

One main objective of Canada is reunification of family. For this objective, one can either choose Family Class Immigration Program. However, if one wants to sponsor their spouse, they can go for spousal sponsorship.

Spousal Sponsorship

When one is consulting sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga, one will get to know about spousal sponsorship program. Basically, the spousal sponsorship allows a sponsor who might be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can easily apply for sponsorship. As the sponsorship process is a bit complicated and can take a lot of time, taking the help of a sponsorship lawyer is important.

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Taking the Help of Attorney

The sponsorship attorney can guide their clients with the application process. Most importantly, they will see to it that the application gets processed very fast. In order to get the application processed, one will need to submit necessary documents. Moreover, the attorney will ensure whether both the sponsor and the sponsored person meet the eligibility criteria.

Once both the parties meet the eligibility, the lawyer can advice their client to submit it to the visa office. Another thing which can be kept in mind is that one can only sponsor their spouse, common-law-partner, as well as conjugal partner. According to sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga while sponsoring a spouse or conjugal partner should be residing inside or outside Canada. At this point the sponsor needs to prove that they would return to Canada once the spousal Sponsorship is approved.

Help one to Learn Latest Facts

Sponsorship attorneys can help clients to learn about the processing time of the application. Usually, spousal sponsorship program in order to get processed can take up to 12 months. Still, the time can go up or down depending on different situations.

However, Quebec residents who want to sponsor their spouse should go through Quebec Family Class Program.

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When one is planning to sponsor a spouse, sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga mention that the couple should be able to provide a marriage certificate, in case the marriage took place within Canada. However, in case the couple got married outside Canada then the marriage should be regarded valid by that respective country as well as under the Canadian law.

Thus, an immigration lawyer Calgary can help their clients to navigate through the whole sponsorship immigration process. So only by consulting a sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga, one can ensure success of their immigration application. Read more info about Canadian immigration lawyer here.

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