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Things to know while handling sexual assault settlement

The mental, as well as the emotional scar caused by any kind of sexual abuse, can last for a lifetime and haunt the survivor for ages. Despite multiple efforts, the sexual abuse rate has been increasing constantly. This… Read More

Why should you hire an employment lawyer?

In the corporate society era, job security is at a low base. In Toronto, we all have faced any major or minor issues while working in a company. Let us understand it better, according to you, you are… Read More

5 Weeks Shared Parental Leave for Canadian Dads – Every Dad Should Claim

Finally, the wish of hundreds of Canadian dads is fulfilled! Now they can enjoy their ‘daddy days’ with their bundle of joys as per the norms of the new parental sharing benefit that has been in action from… Read More

Consulting With a Sponsorship immigration lawyers

Many people might not know, but it’s a fact that sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga can help spouses to safely immigrate to Canada. In fact, the immigration lawyers can act as the passport to the foreign country for… Read More