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5 Weeks Shared Parental Leave for Canadian Dads – Every Dad Should Claim

Finally, the wish of hundreds of Canadian dads is fulfilled! Now they can enjoy their ‘daddy days’ with their bundle of joys as per the norms of the new parental sharing benefit that has been in action from 17th March 2019. This was declared in the federal budget of 2018 and every two parents’ families can avail of this benefit and same-sex parents, as well as adoptive parents, agreed to share the parental benefits, can facilitate themselves with this.

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What’s it all about?

This new law aims to enhance the feel of gender equality in a better way, says Josh Bueckert, the spokesperson of the Department of Employment and Social Development, Canada. As per the new proposal, the regular 35 weeks leave system transforms into 40 weeks and the previous of the 61-week leave increases to 69 weeks. Any of the parents can use this alternatively after bringing a new life to the Earth.

As per the statistics, in 2015, only 11.9% Canadian dads residing outside of Quebec applied for postpartum leaves. However, labor lawyers in Toronto say that, with this new program, it is expected that more Canadian dads are going to avail of this benefit and spend some quality time with the new member of the family.

How It Will Help?

Actually, this is a golden opportunity for the Canadian dads and they should take this advantage for the sake of their partner and child. Sometimes, it’s even great for their careers as well.  This new pattern of parental leave will allow new dads to spend more time with their babies, which, eventually will develop an ever-lasting feel of nurturing and caregiving.

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The new dad will understand the fact better that breastfeeding is not the only thing that a baby requires…there’s much more that can be done. It will increase the confidence of the person and he will start to believe that there are many things that a father can do for his child, they can play the same role as the mother.

It’s vital to understand the new life’s emotions and for that, the non-birthing parents too have some sort of responsibilities. If we talk about the workplaces, there’s always a race of developing more efficient male administrators since they are better listeners. This naturally helps them to resolve issues in a more responsive manner. So, this quality will definitely make them a better caregiver.

What’s holding them?

A study was conducted in 2018 with 1530 Canadian men of the age group of 25-55. 73% of them stated that men should be entitled to some more leaves after becoming parents. However, in reality, women take 9 times more leaves if compared to men. What’s the reason behind?? Well, the reason sounds too practical..it’s money!! From this study, it turns out that the new dads also intend to spend some more time with their babies, but unfortunately, they can’t afford the same. Some are worried about a pace-degradation in their career and a good part of 28% new dads are just not comfortable to ask for more parental leaves since they are quite afraid of the judgemental approach of the co-workers.

One more survey that created Labour Lawyers In Toronto, shows that these worries are being amplified by those who work in male-dominated sectors. The male law years of Canada are prone to take other leaves rather than paternity at the time of the birth of their children.

Another research that was conducted by the University of  Toronto’s Rotman Management School states that fathers who are the primary caregiver of their children truly face much harassment in their workplaces if compared to the dads who are not into the same.

However, the scenario is going to change in the near future! A five-weeks of additional non-transferrable parental leave was introduced in Quebec in 2006 and that experienced a huge increase in the percentage of claiming the same, by 2015, it was a straight 85.8% to 27.8%.

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Some Tips for the New Canadian Dads

Experts say that the fathers who are stopping themselves from claiming parental leaves because of the worry of experiencing a fall in their career should leave thinking in such a way. Instead, they should handle things strategically and plan for the proper rejoining.

So, it will be a wise idea to convince older people who never took parental leave. It is required to educate them about the importance of the same. New dads should also join parenting classes to adopt the ideas of handling a newborn in a better way. You can always consult a Labour Lawyer In Toronto to learn more in detail about taking parental leave.

Indeed this ‘Use-it-or-lose-it’ plan is a great opportunity and every Canadian dad should claim for the same for a better future of their kids.