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Things to know while handling sexual assault settlement

The mental, as well as the emotional scar caused by any kind of sexual abuse, can last for a lifetime and haunt the survivor for ages. Despite multiple efforts, the sexual abuse rate has been increasing constantly. This totally unacceptable scenario is a shame not only for a particular society but for the whole country as well. The number of female victims is clearly higher than the number of men facing these abuses. More effective ways need to be developed for empowering the victims and making legal help much more accessible to them.

Legal sexual assault charges:

Sexual abuse can take place in any form be it rape, attempted rape, unwanted sexual contacts or any kind of sexual threat. Seeking legal help from a sexual assault attorney in Toronto is highly recommended no matter how inconsequential you think the assault is. While specific laws can vary from state to state, it is advised to gather all the necessary information about law and punishments through your legal advisor. If found guilty, the punishment ordered by the judge mostly includes fines, other penalties and imprisonment where the prison term depends upon the degree of assault.

Tax planning tips for Attorney:

While representing your client’s case of sexual assault and approaching a settlement it is important to understand how things can turn for the settlement as well as your fee during the tax season. Generally, after receiving a settlement in the lawsuit, the client needs to pay a certain amount of tax, as the money received is counted as income. To avoid any unwanted surprises it is recommended to consult with tax professionals and lighten your tax burden.

In cases of sexual assault, before 2018 companies, attorney or plaintiff in court cases could take a tax deduction on the settlements, as it was counted as expenses. But with the new tax bill, any kind of dedications are now denied in confidential sexual assault settlements. The plaintiff now can’t receive a tax deduction on the settlement; even the attorney and the defendant can not receive any kind of tax deduction on legal fees and the payment to settle the case, respectively. The defendant now has to pay the settlement money, the legal fees and then the taxes on top of all this.

How can you reduce the tax burden?

With the new changing laws, along with a sexual assault lawyer it is recommended to hire a tax professional and deal conservatively with your settlement funds and analyze the situation to work out the best possible solution to lessen the tax blow.  Establishing a qualified settlement fund can help you buy extra time to work with your representative and determine the tax expectations. It is advised to spread the settlement over manageable tax years in the form of the periodic payment.  By this, the tax burden can be distributed over time and offer other benefits as well.

Overall, a proper analysis of tax season and division of settlement money for tackling any unwanted taxes is never a bad idea.

Why should you hire an employment lawyer?

In the corporate society era, job security is at a low base. In Toronto, we all have faced any major or minor issues while working in a company. Let us understand it better, according to you, you are performing well in a job, but suddenly it happens that you are going to be fired or reallocated after sick leave. What you will do it such kind of situation?

Toronto employment lawyer

You may want to get answers to your questions like why did it happen? This is the appropriate question which anyone can ask. This is the thing that we will also suggest you do. But wait, who is going be that person who will answer all your questions. It can be a Toronto employment lawyer. This article will contain every sort of detail about an employment lawyer.

Questions to ask

To hire an employment lawyer you need to ask some questions from your employment lawyer. We are going to mention a few questions that are very important to know. You can ask those questions from your professional before or after hiring them as your lawyer.

Toronto employment lawyer

  • Can the transfer process of any employee take place without their consent?

No, they cannot do the transfer of any employee without their consent, except if someone had signed an agreement enabling their manager to do as such.  

  • Could my manager drop or alter my protection or annuity benefits? 

Before performing any such move they need to have your consent. Any organization can’t drop it suddenly or alter your protection benefits without giving you a sensible notification, except if the provisions of your work contract or the Worker Handbook states advantages can be adjusted or dropped without notice.  

  • My boss is harassing me, what should I do? 

You have to file a grievance to the upper level of the organization. Both human rights enactment of wellbeing and security corrections shield you from work environment provocation by associates, chiefs/directors, and other individuals.

  • Toronto employment lawyerIs there any provision for overtime, if I get an annual salary?

Apart from the fact of whether you are paid hourly or yearly payment, you are commonly qualified for extra time pay at any rate.

  • How many caution letter should I get before I am terminated? 

There is no predefined number of verbal or composed applications required to fire you. It will rely on the idea of your boss which the business sees as “admirable motivation.”

  • Would I be able to be terminated for neglecting to hit my business targets? 

Yes, you can be fired when the company is downsizing for economic cause, dynamic order would commonly be first required, just as respect to the conditions of the business contract.

  • Are there any chances of getting terminated in the case of prolonged leave? 

In case that you want a prolong leave because you’re sick. It is your responsibility to carry out the fundamental responsibilities of your activity since you are missing because of sickness is drawn out, you could be terminated.

  • Do I get the same designation when I come back from maternity or parental leave? 

You are qualified for being reestablished to the position you most as of late held before the leave if everything remains the same you can get your old post and if it doesn’t your post can be changed by the boss. However, there should be prior notification of the same.

  • What are my legitimate rights in case I’m terminated without cause? 

You are eligible to file a case for the same. Any organization cannot fire you without any cause. There is a common notice that should be issued in the same.

These were a few questions which you should ask an employment lawyer before hiring. Toronto employment lawyer is considered as a perfect professional to seek justice.

5 Weeks Shared Parental Leave for Canadian Dads – Every Dad Should Claim

Finally, the wish of hundreds of Canadian dads is fulfilled! Now they can enjoy their ‘daddy days’ with their bundle of joys as per the norms of the new parental sharing benefit that has been in action from 17th March 2019. This was declared in the federal budget of 2018 and every two parents’ families can avail of this benefit and same-sex parents, as well as adoptive parents, agreed to share the parental benefits, can facilitate themselves with this.

Labour Lawyer In Toronto

What’s it all about?

This new law aims to enhance the feel of gender equality in a better way, says Josh Bueckert, the spokesperson of the Department of Employment and Social Development, Canada. As per the new proposal, the regular 35 weeks leave system transforms into 40 weeks and the previous of the 61-week leave increases to 69 weeks. Any of the parents can use this alternatively after bringing a new life to the Earth.

As per the statistics, in 2015, only 11.9% Canadian dads residing outside of Quebec applied for postpartum leaves. However, labor lawyers in Toronto say that, with this new program, it is expected that more Canadian dads are going to avail of this benefit and spend some quality time with the new member of the family.

How It Will Help?

Actually, this is a golden opportunity for the Canadian dads and they should take this advantage for the sake of their partner and child. Sometimes, it’s even great for their careers as well.  This new pattern of parental leave will allow new dads to spend more time with their babies, which, eventually will develop an ever-lasting feel of nurturing and caregiving.

Labour Lawyer In Toronto

The new dad will understand the fact better that breastfeeding is not the only thing that a baby requires…there’s much more that can be done. It will increase the confidence of the person and he will start to believe that there are many things that a father can do for his child, they can play the same role as the mother.

It’s vital to understand the new life’s emotions and for that, the non-birthing parents too have some sort of responsibilities. If we talk about the workplaces, there’s always a race of developing more efficient male administrators since they are better listeners. This naturally helps them to resolve issues in a more responsive manner. So, this quality will definitely make them a better caregiver.

What’s holding them?

A study was conducted in 2018 with 1530 Canadian men of the age group of 25-55. 73% of them stated that men should be entitled to some more leaves after becoming parents. However, in reality, women take 9 times more leaves if compared to men. What’s the reason behind?? Well, the reason sounds too practical..it’s money!! From this study, it turns out that the new dads also intend to spend some more time with their babies, but unfortunately, they can’t afford the same. Some are worried about a pace-degradation in their career and a good part of 28% new dads are just not comfortable to ask for more parental leaves since they are quite afraid of the judgemental approach of the co-workers.

One more survey that created Labour Lawyers In Toronto, shows that these worries are being amplified by those who work in male-dominated sectors. The male law years of Canada are prone to take other leaves rather than paternity at the time of the birth of their children.

Another research that was conducted by the University of  Toronto’s Rotman Management School states that fathers who are the primary caregiver of their children truly face much harassment in their workplaces if compared to the dads who are not into the same.

However, the scenario is going to change in the near future! A five-weeks of additional non-transferrable parental leave was introduced in Quebec in 2006 and that experienced a huge increase in the percentage of claiming the same, by 2015, it was a straight 85.8% to 27.8%.

Labour Lawyer In Toronto

Some Tips for the New Canadian Dads

Experts say that the fathers who are stopping themselves from claiming parental leaves because of the worry of experiencing a fall in their career should leave thinking in such a way. Instead, they should handle things strategically and plan for the proper rejoining.

So, it will be a wise idea to convince older people who never took parental leave. It is required to educate them about the importance of the same. New dads should also join parenting classes to adopt the ideas of handling a newborn in a better way. You can always consult a Labour Lawyer In Toronto to learn more in detail about taking parental leave.

Indeed this ‘Use-it-or-lose-it’ plan is a great opportunity and every Canadian dad should claim for the same for a better future of their kids.

Consulting With a Sponsorship immigration lawyers

Many people might not know, but it’s a fact that sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga can help spouses to safely immigrate to Canada. In fact, the immigration lawyers can act as the passport to the foreign country for many immigrants. One of the goals of the Canadian government and other country’s government is to ensure that immigrants get the chance to easily unite with their family members. However, many people find the immigration policies to be very complex one. In order to ensure that the immigrants can happily bring down their family members to Canada, they should choose right immigration program.

immigration lawyer

Numerous Immigration Program

The Canadian government offers numerous immigration programs for their immigrants, such as Family Class Immigration, Spousal Sponsorship, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and so on.

One main objective of Canada is reunification of family. For this objective, one can either choose Family Class Immigration Program. However, if one wants to sponsor their spouse, they can go for spousal sponsorship.

Spousal Sponsorship

When one is consulting sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga, one will get to know about spousal sponsorship program. Basically, the spousal sponsorship allows a sponsor who might be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can easily apply for sponsorship. As the sponsorship process is a bit complicated and can take a lot of time, taking the help of a sponsorship lawyer is important.

immigration lawyers in mississauga

Taking the Help of Attorney

The sponsorship attorney can guide their clients with the application process. Most importantly, they will see to it that the application gets processed very fast. In order to get the application processed, one will need to submit necessary documents. Moreover, the attorney will ensure whether both the sponsor and the sponsored person meet the eligibility criteria.

Once both the parties meet the eligibility, the lawyer can advice their client to submit it to the visa office. Another thing which can be kept in mind is that one can only sponsor their spouse, common-law-partner, as well as conjugal partner. According to sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga while sponsoring a spouse or conjugal partner should be residing inside or outside Canada. At this point the sponsor needs to prove that they would return to Canada once the spousal Sponsorship is approved.

Help one to Learn Latest Facts

Sponsorship attorneys can help clients to learn about the processing time of the application. Usually, spousal sponsorship program in order to get processed can take up to 12 months. Still, the time can go up or down depending on different situations.

However, Quebec residents who want to sponsor their spouse should go through Quebec Family Class Program.

family immigration

When one is planning to sponsor a spouse, sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga mention that the couple should be able to provide a marriage certificate, in case the marriage took place within Canada. However, in case the couple got married outside Canada then the marriage should be regarded valid by that respective country as well as under the Canadian law.

Thus, an immigration lawyer Calgary can help their clients to navigate through the whole sponsorship immigration process. So only by consulting a sponsorship immigration lawyers in Mississauga, one can ensure success of their immigration application. Read more info about Canadian immigration lawyer here.

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