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Are you a First Nation, Aboriginal, Native, or  Indigenous social worker, educator, student, or practitioner? Welcome! This site hails from the Great Plains of Canada, although we developing links with our relations from Australia and Aotearoa. Look around. There might be something useful for you. You will find first nation, native, aboriginal and indigenous social work and general links, general social work links, and a range of valuable and useful information particularly if you are a social work educator, practitioner, researcher or student.


2006 Sixties Scoop Conference

"The 60s and 70s Scoop: Aboriginal Children in Care" - November 3-5, 2006, Edmonton, Alberta. The conference was amazing! There were approximately 150 people in attendance. The workshops were intense and mostly positive and constructive. Although the website is no longer working, we hope that the board of directors is planning another conference soon.

2007 Indigenous social work Conference

"Indigenous Voices In Social Work: Not Lost in Translation" - The first world Indigenous Social Work Conference took place June 4 - 7, 2007 at the Makaha Resort on the Waianae Coast of Oahu. IT WAS AMAZING AND FANTASTIC!! Thanks to the University of Hawai'i Faculty of Social Work and all the sponsors. Thanks especially to the volunteers who made it such a success. Hawai'i is paradise on earth and all the more reason to continue our commitment to this important field because even in paradise, the Indigenous people are facing  the loss of land and the whittling away of rights. The next conference is going to be in two years in Aotearoa! Thanks to our Maori brothers and sisters for the invitation. I'm saving my pennies already! Aloha and mahalo.

Here's a link to some pics of the conference. Enjoy:

CASSW Conference 2007 - Saskatoon

The 2007 Annual Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work Conference - Bridging Ways of Knowing: Bridging Communities - was held in conjunction with the 2007 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. It  took place in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! The CASSW conference and AGM were co-hosted by the University of Regina Faculty of Social Work  (Saskatoon Campus), and the First Nations University of Canada School of Indian Social Work. Thanks for Dave Schantz and Yvonne Howse for taking on hosting duties and to the amazing organizing team of volunteers. A big huge massive thanks to the Executive Director of the CASSW, and Danielle Lavoie-Moore, Administrative Assistant of the CASSW, who did so much work in the background to make everything run smoothly. The conference took place May 29th to the 31st. It was a solid conference. Over 150 presenters presented on diverse social work topics. Word has it that Ken Barter's Child Welfare keynote was awesome!! I know that our Conference keynote, - President of the Native Women's Association of Canada - was wonderful. She spoke to the issue of missing Aboriginal women in Canada and gave everyone pause for thought with her direct, honest, and insightful perspective. Thanks Bev and safe travels. And thanks to everyone who attended.


Thought for the day about conferences

Attending these conferences is a gift. They are places where we meet colleagues who are passionate about their areas of interest and chances are good that you will meet at least one person who might change your way of viewing the world. At the very least, you'll have fun! Attend at least one conference in the upcoming year. If you have an APEA fund, forget about books. Get them from the library. Attend a conference and support your colleagues! You won't regret it and you get to learn cool new phrases in other Indigenous languages like Aloha and Kia Ora!

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Significant Canadian Social Work Links:


"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." - M.K. Gandhi

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